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How long is my ticket valid for?

Tickets are valid for 1 day after redemption of the E-Ticket with the City Sightseeing Gozo. So the ticket is only valid for the day of E-Ticket redemption. Your E-Ticket is redeemable for up to 3 months from your chosen tour date. E-Ticket Redemption is as simple as handing your E-Ticket to the tour operator
Once redeemed your Tour Ticket is valid for the 1 Day.

Can I pre-purchase my ticket?

Yes, here via this web site managed by the City Sightseeing Gozo,, also from our agents, from our sales reps and from any official booth/office. As a matter of fact we highly recommend that tickets are pre-purchased.

​If I purchased in advance do I have to take the tour on a given day?

No. This is a major advantage of our tours in that they are flexible. If you purchase in advance the ticket is valid for 3 months from date of travel specified on your booking.​

City Sightseeing Tickets - Frequently Asked Questions

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