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1. Tickets
a. The ticket for the City Sightseeing Gozo is valid for 1 day. 
b. All sales are final tickets and tickets cannot be exchanged.
c. Tickets to travel obtained from unauthorised source, stolen, copied illegally or counterfeit will be seized and cancelled without compensation. 
d. Tickets remain the property of City Sightseeing Gozo and must be made available for inspection by any official of the said company. 
e. Retaining your ticket will entitle you to 10% off your next City Sightseeing tour ticket. The 10% discount must be used within 12 months. The 10% loyalty discount given for presenting your tour ticket from a previous City Sightseeing tour from an alternate / different location can only be applied once for each subsequent full priced ticket purchased.

2. Price
Only those items stated on the brochure (as included) are to be considered as included in the price of the tour. Any other items, such as entrance to heritage sites, museums, lunches and ferry tickets are not included in the price unless expressly stated. 

3. Personal Belongings
a. Patrons of the service are requested to take care of their personal belongings while on the tour. City Sightseeing Gozo shall not be held liable for any lost, stolen or damage to personal belongings during the courts of the tour/service.
b. City Sightseeing Gozo will make every effort to maintain a regular service, but does not guarantee to do so. City Sightseeing Gozo shall not in any way be liable to ticket holder for loss, damage, inconvenience or delay in consequence of any failure, alteration, suspension, cancellation, alteration of the route or termination of service. 

4. Third Party Liability
All open top double decker busses are covered with third party liability as requested by the Maltese Law.

5. Online Payments
a. All payment transactions are handled by City Sightseeing Gozo (Gozo Coaches Co-op). Credit/debit card and related personal details are collected by City Sightseeing only in order to process your order.
b. The payer agrees that he is responsible for all charges incurred by Your use of the Site, including all bookings. 
c. The payer expressly authorises City Sightseeing Gozo to charge the credit card provided by the payer or listed on the payer’s account for any outstanding fees or costs due to City Sightseeing. 
d. If the credit/debit card holder for bookings is not for the payer, it will be the payer’s responsibility to ensure that payer have the card holder's consent before entering any related details, and that such details when entered are true.
e. In order to purchase the products and services using the payment method displayed on the Site, the payer must be 18 years of age or over. By using the Site, the payer confirms that he possess the legal authority to enter into the conditions of use for the Site, including instructing City Sightseeing Gozo to collect any payments from a credit or debit card, and to use the Site in accordance with all terms and conditions

6. General Conditions
a. Patrons of the service are requested to remain seated at all times while the open top double decker bus is in motion. 
b. The above conditions shall for all effects and payments be governed and according to the laws of Malta. 
c. All times and routes may be varied in cases of severe weather conditions or if disruption occurs because of road works, marches, processions etc. Whenever possible advance notice will be given of such occurrent but this cannot be guaranteed. 
d. City Sightseeing Gozo reserve the right to operate closed top single decker buses in case of breakdown or bad weather. 

e. The original language of this site is the English language. We are not to be held liable for any discrepancies/modifications/changes in a translated version -in any other language- of this website. In case of doubt, it is advisable to get in touch with us. Our details may be found in the contact us page. 

f. City Sightseeing Gozo does not operate on Christmas day.

Terms and Conditions

The above is applicable to those that are interested in or are City Sightseeing Gozo Ticket holders and/or users of this site.