FREE WI-FI on board - City sightseeing gozo

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Free WiFi is available on our Open-top Buses (City Sightseeing Gozo). 

Being on the move and sightseeing shouldn’t mean being out of touch. Or behind. Sightsee the Island of Gozo with us and you can go online anytime with our free WiFi: browse, see what’s new in your social networks, check your e-mail, work (if you must). After all, you rely on being online when you're on the ground. So why not when you are on the move?

How to use our free WiFi on board

As soon as you the Hop On any of our City Sightseeing Gozo buses, ask the driver for the password and check for the "City Sightseeing" wireless networks on your device. Connect to the network "City Sightseeing Gozo".

Launch your internet browser for immediate access. Enjoy!