Tour Information - Frequently Asked Questions​​
Read answers to the most common questions asked to City Sightseeing around the world by our patrons.

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What is the duration of the tour?

Both routes take 2 hours in total.

Will we see all the major sights?

Yes. Our 2 routes are the most comprehensive way to see towns and cities.

​What are hop on hop off stops?

City Sightseeing Gozo open top buses operate on an agreed continuous route. Along this route there are key points of interest and attractions. Our hop on hop off stops are carefully selected to enable you to visit these places of interest. Simply hop off where you want and return to the same stop to continue your tour.

​​How many routes are there?

There are 2 routes; i.e. the Blue and the Purple.

Can I tell which route each bus is on?

Yes (both routes are included in one price), the bus will display on its destination display

on the front of the bus which route it is on.​​